The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. I hate this journey and we have a long way to go before anyone “Gets it’. My daughter died after a very late diagnosis of Colon cancer, she was 36 years old, she was told by NHS England that she was too young for her GP to think that she would have Colon Cancer in other word only old people get Colon Cancer.
    Your story of Rupert is so honest and open of how a parent feel when a child dies, I can identify with all aspects of the life that parents live now.
    This week at the counselling group that I attend, I was asked the question by another person who has lost a son and a husband many years ago and is now a volunteer, “would your daughter not want you to be happy again?” I have been asked this many times and get frustrated that I cannot think of an answer that screams in my head, I don’t know what she would have wanted as she was so angry that the medical professionals failed many times to diagnosed her and I blame myself for not knowing that something was wrong.
    What is ‘happiness’ now after the death of your child, this word does not have the same meaning as when they were alive.

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    1. Hi Margaret. Thank you for your kind words. As you say, after the loss of a child, happiness has to be entirely redefined. I always tell people it is like passing through glass doors which only open one way. You can look back and see the rest of the world continuing as before, but you have passed onto the other life which they can maybe glimpse only if they have the imagination (and the guts) to try to do so. It is such an isolating experience, isn’t it? Of course our children would want us to be happy but they would also understand what it is that gets in the way; the terrible ache of missing them and all they should have enjoyed. You and your daughter were evidently badly let down by the medical profession. I’m so sorry. I do believe there are ways forward but I also know that every step of the way involves so much effort. I hope you can find the support and strength to keep going and make progress – love and good wishes to you.


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